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We all want to have voluminous, shiny hair, strong nails and translucent skin! You need to be doing the right things on the inside as well as the outside and certain nutrients within our range are particularly beneficial. We also have some luxurious face and body lotions and creams to give you that extra boost on the outside.

    • Aeterna Gold AstaPure Timeless Beauty

      Anti-ageing skin supplement

      Aeterna Gold AstaPure® Timeless Beauty

      Astaxanthin is from the family of carotenoids that are found in many colourful plants, and help protect them from UV light and free radical damage. 'Timeless Beauty’ has been "Highly Commended" in the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2013.

      30 gel caps£18.00 More Info
    • Æterna Gold Collagen Crème Serum

      Collagen serum for firmer looking skin

      Æterna Gold Collagen Crème Serum

      A remarkable facial cream, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines providing pure marine, highly concentrated collagen. Also contains vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation in the skin. We’ve had some great feedback on this product!

      50 ml£29.75 More Info
      150 ml£57.55 More Info
    • Æterna Gold Collagen Drink

      With hyaluronic acid & vitamin C

      Collagen Drink – Aeterna Gold

      Æterna Gold Collagen Drink provides pure marine (non-shark) Collagen, plus Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, as a nutritional supplement. Vitamin C is important for healthy skin and for the formation of healthy connective tissue.

      80 gm£24.75 More Info
    • Astaxanthin and Blackcurrant

      Powerful free radical protection

      Astaxanthin & Blackcurrant

      Bringing together, astaxanthin, a carotenoid and one of nature’s jewels, with blackcurrants, an excellent source of phytonutrients, alongside tomatoes, a natural source of lycopene. A marvellous all-round combination.

      30 veg caps£9.00 More Info
      90 veg caps£24.00 £18.00 More Info
    • Collaflex Drink

      Pure marine collagen drink

      Collaflex Collagen Drink

      Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and helps to give the skin, and especially the face, structure. The celebrities all agree that it seems to promote younger looking skin!

      185 gr£26.40 More Info
    • MSM Cream Light

      Fragrance free body lotion

      MSM Cream Light

      This lovely silky 10% MSM cream is made with Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil, Aloe vera, Helianthus seed oil and a new emulsifier made from Olives to feed the skin.

      150 ml£19.75 More Info
    • Nails & Hair Formula

      Hair and nail supplements with with collagen

      Nails & Hair Formula

      Specially formulated to provide particular nutrients for the health of your nails and hair. Give them the nutrients they’ll love!

      120 gel caps£20.25 More Info
    • Naturally Fragranced MSM Lotion Rose

      With rose geranium for hands & body

      MSM Lotion Rose

      An ideal lotion for hands and body - naturally, subtly fragranced with Rose Geranium and Palmarosa oils and Rose extract, Aloe vera, Shea butter and a full 10% of MSM.

      150 ml£19.20 More Info
      150 ml£19.20 £9.60 More Info
    • Nutrition for Healthy Veins

      Vein and capillary supplements

      Nutrition for Healthy Veins

      This unique supplement provides the antioxidants Diosmin and Rutin, which are particularly important for vein health, as well as Bilberry and Vitamin E

      90 veg caps£25.15 More Info
    • Skin Brush

      Choose Hard Or Soft Bristles

      Skin Brush

      There’s nothing more stimulating for the skin than a regular brushing before a bath or shower.

      1 x Hard Brush£7.35 More Info
    • Skin Support

      Clear skin supplement

      Skin Support

      Supports clear and healthy skin, not treating it after the event like topical creams which can dry the skin

      60 caps£14.99 More Info
    • Ultimate Aloe Skin Gel

      Pure aloe vera skin gel

      Ultimate Aloe Skin Gel

      This Aloe skin gel is simply the best. A superb treatment and beautifier for the skin. Made with triple-concentrated Aloe, with not a drop of water added, we believe it is one of the most potent Aloe skin gel available.

      75 ml / 2.5oz£15.90 More Info
      120 ml/4oz£20.75 £15.50 More Info
    • Vitamin D3 500iu capsules

      Vitamin D capsules

      Vitamin D supplements

      The latest Government guidelines recommend Vitamin D as an essential supplement for many of us. One of its key functions is to contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

      60 gel caps£3.40 More Info
      120 gel caps£6.20 More Info
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