Performax Sports

Have you just decided to get fit, are you training for a particular event, or do you need support for your on-going activity? Get on the right track with Performax® Sports. With the topic of sports high on everyone’s agenda, Higher Nature has launched a new sports supplement range, developed alongside top performance nutritionist, Dr Justin Roberts.


    • Performax Anti-Oxidant

      Anti-Oxidant Tablets

      Performax Anti-Oxidant

      When exercising your body produces more damaging oxidants, therefore, it needs supportive nutrients to combat the increased stress from activity.

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    • Performax Bio-Daily

      Daily Probiotic Tablets

      Performax Bio-Daily

      Powerful probiotic for optimal digestive and immune support. It is especially suitable to take before and after exercise.

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    • Performax Daily Support

      Essential Daily Nutrition Strips

      Performax Daily Support

      Your daily nutrients in a handy ‘ready-to-go’ pack, containing over 26 essential nutrients to underpin the daily diet.

    • Performax Define

      PureHemp Protein Sachets

      Performax Define - Pure Hemp Protein Sachets

      Tasty Performax Sports Define is naturally high in protein, fibre and omega 3 fatty acids. Protein is essential to maintain and develop muscle function, performance and recovery. Hemp protein is higher in ‘complete’ protein than whey or soya and is dairy free.

    • Performax Hydrate

      Electrolyte isotonic, junk free drink

      Performax Hydrate

      These easy to use, single serving electrolyte re-hydration sachets, replace essential electrolytes lost through perspiration.

    • Performax Recover-Ease

      Celadrin® Muscle Rub

      Performax Recover-Ease

      Fast acting topical rub providing cooling relief after exercise.

    • Performax Relax

      ‘Wind down’ drink sachets for active lifestyles

      Performax Relax

      From our unique Performax® Sports range, Relax is a pleasant tasting drink containing the aminio acid theanine which naturally aids relaxation. Theanine also helps to counteract the stimulatory effects of exercise when undertaken later in the day.

    • Sports Nutrition for Active Living and Performance

      by leading Sports Nutritionist, Dr Justin Roberts.

      Sports Nutrition for Active Living and Performance by Justin Roberts

      The book unravels the mysteries and misnomers around sports nutrition and includes specific advice for the recreational exerciser right through to elite performance athletes.

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