Vegan Essentials

More and more of us are choosing to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, but being vegan itself can leave you open to nutrient deficiencies. Many of our supplements are suitable for the vegan diet but we have selected 7 essentials that we think every vegan should consider.

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    • Advanced Nutrition Complex

      High potency multivitamin/mineral

      Advanced Nutrition Complex

      This high potency multi-vitamin and mineral formula offers all key nutrients in their optimum form for better absorption and assimilation. Also includes trace minerals, such as Molybdenum, Manganese Chromium, as well as Choline and Inositol, not normally found in other multis.

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    • Ocean Kelp

      Iodine & trace minerals

      Ocean Kelp

      This Canadian Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) is cultivated in clean ocean water and screened for pollutants. Kelp is rich in Iodine, Potassium and trace minerals.

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    • Organic Flax Seed Oil

      Beautiful golden oil

      Organic Flax Seed Oil

      Nutty-tasting, unrefined, 100% Certified Organic Flax Seed Oil is high in the omega 3 essential fatty acid, alphalinolenic acid – typically 50-65%. It is also a good source of Omega 6 and Omega 9.

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    • Sea Calcium

      Calcium-rich seaweed

      Sea Calcium

      Our Sea Calcium is sourced from clean seas off the West Coast of Ireland and is naturally more absorbable than many other forms of calcium. It will also contain many other naturally occurring trace minerals as well as magnesium.

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    • True Food Easy Iron

      Easy absorption without digestive discomfort

      True Food® Easy Iron

      Our True Food® Easy Iron provides iron in an easily absorbable form without the digestive problems often associated with taking large doses of iron. This form has high bioavailability as the body recognises it as food, without taking mega doses

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    • Vitamin B12 Powder

      Berry flavoured powder

      Vitamin B12 Sublingual Powder

      Vitamin B12 contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism and the normal function of the immune system, as well as fulfilling many other important roles within the body. Our berry flavoured sublingual powder provides greater absorption and our vitamin B12 is especially good for the elderly.

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    • Zinc

      The defence mineral


      Zinc is a key antioxidant mineral. This supplement provides Zinc in the citrate form for high bioavailability, plus Copper in the correct ratio.

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