Children's Health

We all want to give our kids a great start in life and provide them with the best nutritional support. Knowing how notoriously fussy they can be, our new KIDS range has been developed with taste and texture in mind. Our range includes a vitamin D spray, a chewable multi-vitamin, a fruity omega-3 fish oil jelly and more.


    • Kids Relax and Unwind

      Calming drink to support your child’s bone health

      Relax & Unwind

      Contains calcium for normal growth in children, magnesium for the maintenance of normal bones and theanine for relaxation. A great way to relax your kids after a busy day.

      10 sachets£15.75 More Info
    • Kids Growing Bones

      Kids supplement for healthy bones and teeth

      Growing bones

      These tasty, strawberry chewable tablets are great support for your growing little ones. With calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3, for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

      30 tabs£7.85 More Info
      90 tabs£21.00 More Info
    • Kids Fruit and Shake

      Delicious powdered fruit and vegetables

      Fruit & Shake - Delicious powdered fruit and vegetable shaker

      Yummy flavoured fruit and vegetable powder. Great sprinkled onto yoghurts, desserts or cereals. Tasty fruit flavour and a delicious condiment for all the family.

      100 gm£10.50 More Info
    • Kids Smart Focus

      Fruit flavour jellies to aid brain function and focus

      Smart Focus

      Essential omegas in a jelly format with delicious fruity flavour! Intensely fruity flavoured jellies with no fish aftertaste.

      27 jellies£10.50 £7.85 More Info
    • Kids Soothe and Immune

      Nourishing drink for kids

      Soothe & Immune

      Delicious natural apple flavour drink with soothing manuka honey and black elderberry extract.

      10 sachets£13.65 More Info
    • Kids Vital Vits

      Kids chewable multivitamins

      Vital Vits - Childrens multi-vitamin

      Contains 19 essential vitamins and minerals and your kids will love them!

      30 veg tabs£8.40 More Info
      90 veg tabs£15.75 More Info
    • Kids Vitamin D Spray 625iu

      Vitamin D spray for kids

      Vitamin D Spray 625iu

      Minty tasting vitamin D3 spray - ideal for kids, but also perfect for the whole family. 1 tube contains roughly 240 sprays or 8 months supply.

      13 .5ml£9.99 More Info
    • Sambucol Kids Formula

      Immune boosting black elderberry syrup

      Sambucol ® Kids Formula

      Unique formulation to maximise the health giving benefits of black elderberry. Sambucol® has been laboratory tested and the benefits published in international clinical trials.

      120 ml£8.70 More Info
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