Exam Support

Exam time can be stressful to students of all ages, and it’s vital that you give your mind and body the nutrients they need to get you through. From concentration to relaxation, Higher Nature’s range of exam support supplements are ideal. We have products with B vitamins to help with mental performance, amino acids for calm and focus and Omega 3 fish oils including DHA to support a healthy brain.

Our extensive range of study aids and exam support supplements includes drinks, chewable jellies and sprays, ideal for giving a little helping hand to students of all ages. They have been developed by our nutritionists to assist with all aspects of a positive exam experience.

Support the students in your family with vitamin and mineral supplements from Higher Nature.

    • Concentration Support

      Focus and concentration supplement

      Concentration Support

      Vitamin B complex which makes a deliciously tangy refreshing lemon and lime drink. Ideal during periods of stress or when concentration and focus is a must.

      10 tablets£7.99 £5.99 More Info
    • Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules

      Omega 3 fish oil supplements

      Omega 3 Fish Oil

      When buying fish oils it is important to ensure that the fish is uncontaminated. We guarantee that Higher Nature fish oils are free from pollutants such as PCBs and each batch is screened and tested. Our fish oils are from sardines and anchovies, small oily fish near the bottom of the food chain which feed on plankton, unlike large predatory oily fish like tuna and swordfish

      30 gel caps£3.95 More Info
      90 gel caps£9.55 More Info
      180 gel caps£16.70 More Info
    • Worry Not Spray

      Calming spray for stress relief

      Worry Not

      Delicious, natural strawberry and vanilla flavoured spray, for when your nerves are frazzled! Perfect for those stressful moments. Great for periods of anxiety and stress, a mix of B vitamins, theanine and herbs in a delicious, natural strawberry and vanilla flavour spray.

      13 .5ml spray£9.99 More Info
    • True Food Magnesium

      Multi-purpose magnesium supplements

      True Food® Magnesium

      Magnesium naturally aids normal muscle function and is known as one of nature’s relaxing minerals. It may, therefore, help ‘winding-down’ at night and is especially helpful for those with busy lifestyles

      30 veg tabs£6.85 More Info
      90 veg tabs£16.50 More Info
      180 veg tabs£32.60 More Info
    • Kids Relax and Unwind

      Calming drink to support your child’s bone health

      Relax & Unwind

      Contains calcium for normal growth in children, magnesium for the maintenance of normal bones and theanine for relaxation. A great way to relax your kids after a busy day.

      10 sachets£15.75 More Info
    • Kids Smart Focus

      Fruit flavour jellies to aid brain function and focus

      Smart Focus

      Essential omegas in a jelly format with delicious fruity flavour! Intensely fruity flavoured jellies with no fish aftertaste.

      27 jellies£10.50 £7.85 More Info
    • Special Dead Sea Soak

      Ancient sea mineral bath

      Special Dead Sea Soak

      A relaxing and indulgent mineral bath from the ancient Dead Sea.

      1000 gr salts£17.00 More Info
      400 gr salts£13.60 More Info
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