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Whether you’re travelling across continents or journeying closer to home, it’s always advisable to keep topped up on travel essentials!

Pick up some settling supplements to aid the body in combatting travel sickness, and stock up on digestive health aids if you’re planning on sampling foreign food. Our tablets, capsules and liquids will provide an added defence against discomfort on your travels.

You may also want to try some simple multivitamin in powder shots, tablets or chews, to ensure that you’re getting your daily nutrients while you’re on the road.

    • Citricidal Liquid

      Grapefruit seed extract

      Citricidal Liquid

      Use diluted Grapefruit seed extract to gargle or take a few drops in water or juice. Also use as a mouthwash, facial and nail cleanser, skin rinse and household cleanser. Ideal for travelling. Not for citrus allergy sufferers.

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    • Colloidal Silver

      Natural anti-septic

      Colloidal SIlver

      Our Colloidal silver contains pure, medical grade silver, which has been used for many centuries.

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    • Ginger

      For good digestion

      Time  Release Ginger

      Ginger has long been prized for its effects on the digestive tract and our Ginger is delivered as a potent, time-release formulation for maximum benefit. The perfect travel companion.

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    • Pro-Daily

      Brilliant biotic boost


      The hardy spore form friendly bacteria Bacillus coagulans is resistant to harsh stomach acid. It is great for travel and does not need refrigeration.

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    • Pro-Mints

      Chewable tablet, ideal for travel


      What better way to take your daily beneficial bacteria than chewing a mint? Probio-Mints are made with Bacillus Coagulans, the same friendly bacteria as Probio-Daily.

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    • Ultimate Aloe Skin Gel

      Essential for every home

      Ultimate Aloe Skin Gel

      This Aloe skin gel is simply the best. A superb treatment and beautifier for the skin. Made with triple-concentrated Aloe, with not a drop of water added, we believe it is one of the most potent Aloe skin gel available.

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