New Products

    • Balance Probio

      Digestive supplement for cats and dogs

      Balance Probio

      Blend of two probiotics to help digestive health, boosting friendly bacteria and improving gut function. Sprinkle or mix in with food.

      82 g powder£9.95 More Info
    • Calm

      Naturally calming supplement for pets

      Pets Calm

      Blend of theanine, tryptophan and magnesium to support pets in stressful situations. Perfect for when they are feeling anxious. Sprinkle or mix in with food.

      135 g powder£9.95 More Info
    • Super Omegas

      Omega oil supplement for pets

      Super Omegas

      Perfectly balanced blend of fatty acids for a happy, healthy pet. With sustainably sourced fish oil, borage oil and olive oil for all round support.

      60 caps£9.50 More Info
    • Soothe

      Aloe vera balm for pets


      Topical, natural aloe vera gel to help soothe irritated and itchy skin. Made with whole leaf aloe for optimal benefit.

      120 ml£14.95 £7.45 More Info
    • Superdog

      Multivitamin for dogs


      Food state multi-vitamin and mineral tablets for your dog’s all round health. Easily digested and absorbed with 26 vitamins and minerals.

      60 tabs£11.50 £8.60 More Info
    • Vitality

      Joint and muscle supplement for cats and dogs


      Easy dose powder to support your pet's joint health. Formula includes glucosamine, chondroitin, green lipped mussel and MSM. Mix with your pet's food. Suitable for cats and dogs.

      155 g powder£9.95 £7.45 More Info
    • Brighter Day

      Mood enhancing blackberry drink

      Brighter Day - With vitamin B6, B12, vitamin C and magnesium

      Always look on the bright side with this natural fruity flavoured drink. Perfect for the darker, winter months. B vitamins in a natural blackcurrant drink to brighten your day and lift your mood.

      15 Tabs£7.99 £3.95 More Info
    • Keep Sharp

      Tasty jellies to support focus and mental clarity

      Keep Sharp jellies

      Nourish your brain with these tasty orange and lemon flavour jellies formulated to support your brain. With emulsified omega 3 fish oil.

      27 Jellies£12.99 £6.50 More Info
    • Rest Well

      Effective sleep spray

      Rest Well Spray

      Fresh tasting minty spray to keep by your bedside, to help switch off and relax.

      13 .5ml Spray£9.99 £7.45 More Info
    • Worry Not Spray

      Calming spray for stress relief

      Worry Not

      Delicious, natural strawberry and vanilla flavoured spray, for when your nerves are frazzled! Perfect for those stressful moments. Great for periods of anxiety and stress, a mix of B vitamins, theanine and herbs in a delicious, natural strawberry and vanilla flavour spray.

      13 .5ml spray£9.99 £4.99 More Info