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Citricidal Liquid

Grapefruit seed extract

Use diluted Grapefruit seed extract to gargle or consume a few drops in water or juice. Also use as a mouthwash, facial and nail cleanser, skin rinse and household cleanser. Ideal for travelling. Not for citrus allergy sufferers. Never use undiluted. See suggested intake and usage information below.

Also available as Citricidal Tablets.

  • All-time best seller
  • Grapefruit seed extract is a natural cleanser wherever there is a need
  • Ideal for internal or external use, especially as a mouthwash, or on the face and nails and as a household cleanser
  • Perfect digestive support especially whilst travelling
  • Available in liquid or tablet form
  • Do not use undiluted
Vegan Soya-free Wheat-free Gluten-free Yeast-free Dairy-free Sugar-free 
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  • Citricidal liquid provides

    Grapefruit seed extract concentrate.

  • Citricidal™ grapefruit seed extract (34%) (contains grapefruit extractives, glycerine, antioxidant: ascorbic acid); vegetable glycerine.

  • Suggested intake

    Never use undiluted. Do not squeeze. As a food supplement: Allow 4 to 12 single drops to fall naturally into a full glass (300ml) of water or juice, and stir thoroughly. Consume 30 minutes before or 2 hours after meals, 1-3 times a day (children over 8 years, half dose). Start at a low dose and build. Never use full strength in mouth. As a cosmetic cleanser for external use: Scalp (safe on scalp, including dandruff): Dilute 4-12 single drops in shampoo for each use. Mix in hand and massage into scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Nails: Allow 4-12 single drops to fall naturally into approximately 1 tablespoon of water, and with cotton wool, apply diluted solution to the surface of the nail along the cuticle and underneath the front of the nail, twice daily. Facial Cleanser (safe on normal skin and acne): Splash face with warm water. Allow 4-12 single drops to fall naturally into approximately 1 tablespoon of water, and with cotton wool or fingertips, gently massage diluted solution into face with circular motions, avoiding contact with the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Pat dry. Skin Rinse (safe on minor skin irritations, warts and athletes foot. Do not use on open wounds): Allow 4-12 single drops to fall naturally into approximately 1 tablespoon of water, and with cotton wool or fingertips, apply diluted solution to chosen area once daily. If irritation occurs, flush with water. Irritation is temporary. Mouthwash (for freshening mouth and teeth): Allow 2 single drops to fall naturally into a glass of water (90ml or more), and stir thoroughly. Vigorously swish diluted solution in mouth for 10 seconds. Alternatively, gargle with a dilution of 4-12 single drops in a full glass (300ml) of water. Gargle several times. Ear Rinse: Dilute 3 single drops thoroughly with 30ml glycerine. Apply 1-2 drops of diluted solution in ear, 1-2 times a day. Vaginal Rinse: Allow 1 single drop to fall naturally into a bowl or jug of water (180-240ml / 6-8oz). Douche once or more a day. Can also be used diluted as a household cleanser.

  • Please note

    Not for citrus allergy sufferers. Never use undiluted. From citrus; irritating to the eyes and skin. In case of skin contact flush with water for 10 minutes; if eye contact then also seek medical assistance immediately.

  • Citricidal
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  • 5 Reviews

    The smallest and most complete medical chest.

    By JacquiR - 07 July 2014

    We have been using this for a long time, and have managed to avoid all sorts of viruses, colds and flu's. Treated as soon as you feel the 'scratchy throat', prevents the virus from going onto the chest, and the first symptoms of a cold only last a day and then it's gone. Fantastic for food poisoning - even when it is well on and the patient is in delerium, alternating hot sweats and cold fevers, vomiting and cannot retain or take fluids. Noticeable recovery within half an hour. I recommend that you purchase a book about grapefruit seed extract in order to use it to its fullest, and to learn the dosage. Will never ever have any antibiotics again.

    citricidal Liquid

    By Frau Iris Ewert-Rausch - 29 April 2014

    A natural remedy to disinfect on the inside and outside - should in my opinion be in every household. A real treasure that nature gives to us for our health. I never want to be without grapefruit seed extract. It is very useful to have the books relevant to the use: The Miracle in the core of the grapefruit and Healing with grapefruit seed extract."

    Works for me

    By Ms Jane Hudson - 25 March 2014

    I always avoided salads, ice creams and cooked food that wasn't piping hot on holiday and yet I was always ill. Then myself and friends were extremely ill in Turkey in 1994. The following year I was going to Cairo and was very apprehensive, but I read an article on Citricidal so I bought some from Higher Nature and took it every morning and I was one of only 3/15 who wasn't ill. I have taken it every day on every holiday since then to a variety of places such as Egypt, India, Tunisia and Morocco and I haven't been ill since. My advice is down it in a small amount of liquid each morning as a preventative - don't wait until you are ill. It doesn't taste nice, but it's worth it.


    By Herr Erich Thoma - 20 March 2014

    CITRICIDAL Grapefruit See Extract. My wife and I have been using this extract extremely successfully for approximately 15 years, ever since I read about it in the book "The Miracle at the Heart of Grapefruit" (literal translation of "Das Wunder im Kern der Grapefruit"). I haven't come across a better home remedy. In my opinion the discovery of this ingredient is worthy of the Nobel prize.


    By Mrs E Hallford - 22 January 2014

    I have used this product for years and find it very effective as a mouth wash and so many other things.

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