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Colloidal Silver

Formerly known as Active Silver

Our Colloidal silver contains pure, medical grade silver, which has been used for many centuries. It is produced using electro-controlled technology and pure water from a 9-stage water purification process, to achieve a very small particle size (0.0006 to 0.005 microns). This small particle size is important because it provides a much greater surface area and therefore more of an effective liquid. The 15ml refillable size is ideal for carrying in a bag or pocket. Use the 200ml non-spray-nozzle size to refill the 15ml and 100ml spray-nozzle sizes. This product has remained exactly the same for many years and continues to be colloidal silver of the highest purity and quality
Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

  • Colloidal Silver containing 99.99% pure silver, free from heavy metal contamination.
  • Contains very small particle size (0.0006 to 0.005 microns).
  • Ideal for use all-round the house and perfect for travel
  • Use the 200 ml non-spray nozzle to refill the 15 ml and 100 ml spray-nozzle sizes
Vegan Corn-free Soya-free Wheat-free Gluten-free Yeast-free Dairy-free Sugar-free 
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Code Amount Price (Unit) Availabilty Price(£) Quantity
SIL015 15 ml 56p 50+ items in stock £8.35
SIL100 100 ml 18p 50+ items in stock £18.30
SIL200 200 ml 16p 50+ items in stock £31.75
  • Contents

    Purified water and 99.999% pure silver, at a concentration of 10 ppm (parts per million).

  • Intended use

    Can be used on any surface and can be sprayed into the air. Use the 200ml non-spray size to refill the 15ml and 100ml spray-nozzle sizes.

  • Keep in a cool, dark place out of reach of children.

  • Colloidal Silver


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  • 6 Reviews

    Magic spray

    By Mrs L Hannay - 31 December 2013

    We call this magic spray in our house as we use it for so many things. Sore throats, eye infection, nail infection and was I was diagnosed with a skin keretoses for which I was given a very aggressive cream. A previous one I had had frozen off. Silver saw it off in 2 weeks.

    Amazing silver

    By Mrs L Pedder - 22 May 2013

    I have used this for eczema and other skin problems but the best was my dad who had a sore on top of his head where he had knocked it, which wouldn't heal. Went back and forth to hospital for months, they froze it, gave him creams, all sorts and then I decided to try the silver, cleared up in no time, really quite amazing! First started using it when a Doctor at our surgery told us to try it for sore throats.

    Active Silver for acne

    By Mrs K Carson - 08 May 2013

    I cannot recommend this highly enough! My daughter and several friends have used this for acne after trying so many other products and 100% successful. Also used on my cat for an open sore, again success.

    Fungal nail infection

    By Linda H - 10 December 2012

    After trying a few different remedies I used on a rash which appeared between my toes and spread under my big toe nail during the summer. It has cleared up well although does reappear now and then.

    High Stability Silver

    By Ms A Evans - 05 September 2012

    My reflexology clients have had very good results with fungal nail infection from using this Silver..Also with sunburn, gingivitis, thrush (oral and elsewhere), cuts, grazes and sore throats.. It is a must for my 'Holistic First Aid Kit'..

    Helped with weeping eczema

    By Mrs R - 24 July 2012

    My labrador suffers with weeping eczema (common in this breed) and vet has always prescribed antibiotics. I decided to try treating it myself on this occasion. I soaked cotton wool in the Silver Solution and dabbed on the affected patches 3 times daily. On the third day the condition had dried up.

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