Glutamine Powder
Glutamine Powder

Glutamine Powder

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Proteins are made up of amino acids – some are essential and some are classed as non-essential. Although Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, it becomes conditionally essential at certain times, especially during stress or illness. It plays a large part in maintaining the health of the digestive tract and is particularly useful for those who are physically active.

Also available as Glutamine capsules

  • Naturally sweet, pleasant-tasting, easy-to-blend powder but also available in capsule form
  • Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body and is found within many body systems
  • It becomes conditionally ‘essential’ when your body is physically or mentally challenged
  • Ideal during stressful times or convalescence or if physically active
Vegetarian Vegan Corn-free Soya-free Wheat-free Gluten-free Yeast-free Dairy-free Sugar-free 
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GLP100 100 g veg pdr 13p 50+ items in stock £12.85
GLP200 200 g veg pdr 11p 50+ items in stock £22.50
  • A quarter teaspoon typically provides

    1000mg Glutamine.

  • L-Glutamine.

  • Suggested intake

    Take between 1/4 teaspoon (900mg) and 11/4 level teaspoons (4.5g) stirred into cold water or juice and drink immediately or sprinkled onto cold food.

  • Please note

    Do not refrigerate

  • Glutamine Powder

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  • 3 Reviews


    By Mr K. Norman - 21 June 2016

    Great for digestive problems, and can be taken whenever required.

    Good for muscle aches and for digestive problems

    By Mrs C Harris - 11 July 2012

    My husband has found this easy to take as it is dissolved in water. It is good for muscle aches and for digestive problems

    Useful for Diverticulitis symptoms

    By Miss B - 09 July 2012

    Found this really useful in helping with my Diverticulitis symptoms!

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