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Ion5 Ionic Toothbrush

Light Activated Ionic Toothbrush

This Ionic Toothbrush contains a photosensitive titanium dioxide rod. When exposed to light and water, the rod releases ions which help to remove dental plaque.

  • Patented ionic oral care
  • Hi-tech plaque fighter
  • Promotes easier flossing
  • Anti-bacterial titanium rod
  • Attacks stubborn stains
  • Oxygenating cleaning power

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Wet the brush and rod (saliva is sufficient in case water is unavailable) and find the brightest light available (natural or artificial) for brushing. The light source must be sufficient to power a calculator. With toothpaste, use only a small amount. When brushing, grip the handle high enough that the solar panel remains uncovered, allowing light to reach it. Brush teeth after meals or at least twice a day when possible. Follow your dentist’s recommendations.

The toothbrush can last a lifetime if used correctly. To keep the rod in good condition or change the brush head, remove the head by pulling the handle out straight along the axis without twisting or bending and then clean with a brush or replace by pushing the new head onto the handle.

Please note that the Ionic Toothbrush is supplied with a soft head. It also includes a spare (soft) head and a head cover to keep your toothbrush clean when travelling.

It is advisable to change the head every 3 months

You can order replacement heads here

Ion5 Ionic Toothbrush Colours

*This product is non discountable and non-returnable once opened.

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Code Amount Price (Unit) Availabilty Price(£) Quantity
IOT001P 1 Brush-Purple £33.00 50+ items in stock £33.00*
IOT001R 1 Brush-Orange £33.00 50+ items in stock £33.00*
IOT001U 1 Brush-Blue £33.00 50+ items in stock £33.00*
IOT001W 1 Brush-Tan £33.00 10+ items in stock £33.00*
  • Keep the brush head attached to the handle except during replacement.

  • Light Activated Ion5 Ionic Toothbrush

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  • 8 Reviews

    Great for plaque, what about stains

    By Mrs H Fryer - 19 October 2015

    I have only been using this brush for about 4 months and the smoothness of my teeth is amazing. The only thing I would ask does it get rid of the yellow stain of tea and coffee eventually? I have not been to the dentist since I've been using it so don't have any comments on that front.


    Staining is in the enamel and so the Ionic toothbrush will not be effective at removing any stains because it does not penetrate the enamel. It is however, very effective at keeping plaque at bay which is why you have noticed how smooth your teeth are.


    By Mrs M Mitchell - 20 July 2014

    Have used one now for over five years. My dentist was amazed and now my new dentist is being educated! I am now introducing the toothbrush to my grandchildren to help them have superb clean teeth. Electric toothbrushes not required.

    No more electric toothbrush

    By Mrs M Denton - 03 July 2014

    My grandson has had a brace fitted and I went back to the orthodontist with him and he was told he had plaque and needed to clean his teeth better. I ordered him the ionic brush and this time when we went back he was told to keep up the good work as his teeth were looking great. I have used an ionic brush for a least 2 years and when I go for my regular check up I now need nothing done. Thank you Higher Nature.


    By Mrs F Ford - 12 May 2014

    Can't praise this highly enough. No need for scale and polish and the brush is very gentle but works. First few times I used it I thought my teeth were breaking - it was the plaque breaking off!!! Absolutely amazed and delighted. Now been using for three years. Highly recommended.

    Beautifully clean and healthy!

    By Miss A Davies - 05 March 2014

    I have been using the Ionic Toothbrush for about 5 years now, and although I think the replacement heads outrageously expensive at almost £6 each for what is basically just a bit of plastic as the Ionic bit is all in the previously purchased handle, I admit I could never go back to a normal toothbrush. My teeth feel beautifully clean and healthy, and dentists wax lyrical about them! I recommend using the soft heads, as the others are a bit harsh.

    A lot to smile about

    By Mrs S Haytack - 17 January 2014

    I have not had any need to see the hygienist for years, neither has my husband. We have used the ionic toothbrush for a few years now and would not change it for any other toothbrush, however impressive the advertisement. It couldn't possibly measure up.

    Dentist commented on improved hygiene

    By Ms Alice Wood - 27 November 2012

    I bought one of these for my 11yr old son because he won't brush his teeth properly. The novelty attracted him, and we hoped that the ionic action would make up for the lack of brushing action as he thinks that just holding the brush in his mouth is enough! After about 3 months we went for a check-up and our dentist congratulated him on his improved brushing and hygiene. We didn't mention the brush that time, but had to chuckle. My son knew he hadn't been brushing any better, so IMO it's down to the brush. Just bought a new set of heads and will be keeping this in preference to the electric one.

    Ionic Toothbrush

    By Mrs S C Chetah - 16 August 2012

    I have been freed from toothpaste, a hated substance all my life! Three years of using the Ionic Toothbrush and finally I was brave enough to mention it to my dentist after he said to me that I was taking really good care of my teeth as they were in excellent condition compared to when I started with him over 20 years ago. I strongly recommend Ionic Toothbrushes, give it a try. My teeth always feel great. While on holiday I used an ordinary toothbrush without toothpaste and although it was okay, the squeaky clean feeling was missing.

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