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Think back – when was the last time you felt full of energy the whole day long? In a recent poll, 80% of those surveyed felt their energy levels were below par. Lack of energy appears to be the scourge of 21st-century living, with its fast-paced environment, a thousand things to do at the same time and instant communications all demanding our attention.

So, it seems that many of us go through our lives feeling sluggish in body and mind. Some patients have described this lack of energy as lethargy, feeling drained or like wading through treacle. It’s difficult to measure if we have enough energy, but ask yourself whether you feel awake when you get out of bed in the morning, and if you possess the stamina to get you through the day.

Introducing a fabulous new book all about how to increase your energy levels – something many of us need – written by Cathy Robinson BSc Dip Nut Med.

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