True Food Calcium and Magnesium
True Food® Calcium & Magnesium

True Food Calcium and Magnesium

One-to-one ratio

Calcium and magnesium are two of the most important minerals in your body. This supplement provides equal amounts (one-to-one ratio) of both calcium and magnesium, from highly bioavailable True Food ingredients and Sea Calcium seaweed complex.

  • Two of the body’s most essential minerals.
  • Both are needed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.
  • Also needed for normal energy production.
  • Potent, highly bio-available food form of calcium and magnesium.
  • These two minerals work together in synergy and also with Vitamin D.

Calcium and Magnesium work together in synergy, so a balance of the two minerals is important. Vitamin D is needed for the normal absorption of calcium and can be supplemented, especially in winter months when the sun is weak. Taken with omega oils, it will help their use in the body.

Calcium is the body’s most abundant mineral – around 99% is stored in bones and teeth. Half of the body’s magnesium is also found in bone.

Both Calcium and magnesium are needed for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth and magnesium is also used for normal energy yielding metabolism.


Vegetarian Vegan Wheat-free Gluten-free Dairy-free 
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Code Amount Price (Unit) Availabilty Price(£) Quantity
TCM060 60 veg tabs 21p 50+ items in stock £12.35
TCM120 120 veg tabs 20p 50+ items in stock £23.50
  • Two tablets typically provide

    120mg Calcium*, 120mg Magnesium* True Food® Calcium and Magnesium also contains B vitamins, beta glucans, glutathione, choline, inositol, amino acids and other phytonutrients naturally found in fermented food cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (food yeast) * True Food® and Sea CalciumTM nutrients

  • Tableted with these natural ingredients:

    Microcrystalline cellulose, sunflower oil, silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose coating, natural vanilla extract, glycerine.

  • Suggested intake

    Take 2-6 tablets a day, with or between meals.

  • Keep out of reach of children. Ensure lid is tight and store in a cool, dry, steam-free environment as damp conditions can affect the product quality.

  • True Food Calcium & Magnesium

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  • 9 Reviews

    Dissolve in water

    By Mrs J.L. Wright - 08 April 2016

    I had problems with the size of the tablets. I find them much easier to swallow if I put them in a little water for a few minutes. They don't dissolve but seem to slip down more easily. I had some left from a previous supplier and when I did the same, they dissolved completely into a horrible chalky mess. Just shows the difference in quality.


    By Ms R Taylor - 19 October 2014

    These tablets relieved the muscle spasms in my legs almost immediately and meant a better nights sleep. Subsequently I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and have to take the maximum dose which is a bit unnerving because I don't like the feeling of taking loads of tablets and always wonder about the effects on kidneys etc. I don't mind the smell or taste and the size isn't usually a problem...the technique is to press the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. The calcium prescribed by the doctor came with a warning not to take within two hours of eating whole grains or pulses which contain phytates that combine with the calcium and prevent its absorption. Does higher nature have any take or advice on this? I give four stars only because I want to wait and see if my next dexa scan shows any improvement!

    What a let-down

    By Hollie-Anne - 07 April 2014

    After suffering through the first 30 tablets, I decided that I just couldn't do it anymore. Not only do these smell absolutely awful (and a friend who has a relatively high tolerance for terrible smells was even shocked by the rancid sent) but one tablet has less than 20% of your RDA!! That means you'd have to actually take 5 PILLS to get you daily dose... If they tasted like chocolate, no problem, but they taste like something died in the bottle... :( We are HUGE fans of Higher Nature and nearly all our supplements are HN, but this Calcium/Magnesium was quite the let-down. Oh, and in case you don't read the ingredients, they have four bulking agents and *vanilla flavoring* which I cannot believe as the smell is nauseating! Anyhow, buyer beware. We were so disappointed with this and have discarded the rest of the bottle as we could find no takers!


    Our True Food products are distinct from many other supplements. The active ingredients are incorporated into a food matrix by hydrolysed yeast cells, scientific evidence has shown that nutrients are better absorbed when they are part of a food matrix. This process does give the supplements a distinct smell but we feel that the benefits of True Food outweigh the smell. One of the benefits is that our True Food supplements have lower levels but they are more easily absorbed as they are in the true food matrix, which the body recognises as food. Some supplements have higher levels of calcium and magnesium but these may not be the most easily absorbed forms for the body. With all our supplements we always try to use the most bioavailable forms of nutrients where possible and would choose these over higher levels of less absorbable forms. Calcium and magnesium are also very bulky ingredients which tend to increase the size of tablets or capsules and we are aware that some of our customers find these tablets difficult to swallow.

    Size of tablets

    By Mr S Palmer - 02 April 2014

    Yes, they are a little big, and if you try to swallow them whole, they can make you gag. However, there's a simple solution...... just chew on them until they are broken up in your mouth, then swallow! Or, break them up using a knife, before taking them.

    good for eliminating leg cramps

    By Ms C Collins - 28 March 2013

    After I cut milk products from my diet I started having cramps in my legs at night. My daughter suggested magnesium and these pills did the trick! No more cramps. They also replace some of the calcium I was getting from milk products. I don't find them too big but they could be cut in half if necessary.

    Very effective

    By Mrs T Allan - 19 November 2012

    Since I have been taking these tablets, my high blood pressure has come down to normal and my weekly (sometimes 2-3 times a week) migraines have diminished to 4 times so far this year - it has helped change my health and my lifestyle - these really are very very effective, thank you!

    Too big

    By Mrs H Coates - 01 September 2012

    I will have to stop taking these tablets, good as they are, because they are so big they make me gag and retch.


    Thank you for your review. Your comments have been passed to our new Product Development team. Perhaps you would like to contact our Nutrition department for an alternative.

    True Food Calcium and Magnesium

    By Ms Linda Forrest - 23 August 2012

    The benefits of this product are made clear in your reviews, but the size of the tablet must put lots of people off. It really is too big!

    Incredible effect

    By Miss S - 23 July 2012

    I have always suffered from really bad periods, painful cramps and sometimes quite severe nausea and physical sickness, they can be really debilitating. A friend of mine recently heard a radio clip about a woman with similar problems who started taking magnesium supplements so I thought I'd give it a go. I have now been taking Higher Nature Magensium & Calcium tablets (up to 6 a day as advised on the bottle) for 3 months and it seems to have had an incredible effect on my periods. Although I still get cramps they are nothing like as painful, I haven't had any nausea or sickness and I have been able to function almost normally throughout my period. I have been going to acupuncture for years just to control my periods and would find that if I missed one month of treatment I would be physically sick on my next period, almost without fail. I have 'survived' 3 periods without acupuncture now! As I am quite stressed at work at the moment and that usually makes my periods worse, I can only put this change down to the Mag/Calc supplements. I don't know if it would work for everyone but I am amazed at the difference it has made to me

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