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Nutrition Solutions for Optimising Female Health

A book by Holly Taylor



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At last, an easy-to-read book, packed with valuable information and strategies to help deal with the whole range of female health issues, written in a truly empathetic style.

Women’s ‘troubles’. They’re talked about a lot. In fact, they’re often the subject of many a joke. But, for women who are experiencing hormonal changes, breast pain, cystitis or menstrual cramps, it’s no laughing matter. Ask anyone what defines ‘women’s health issues, and they’re likely to come back with an answer that involves hormones… and they are right. But hormones aren’t just there to make women tearful, temperamental and irritable! They control the whole of a women’s physiology, extending far beyond the nuts and bolts of the reproductive system. In fact, they make up an intricate biochemical system that drives how a woman thinks, feels and responds in every situation. You only need to read this book to realise just how much influence hormones have on so many female health conditions…

The aim of this book is to provide you with a guide to using these therapies to optimise your overall health. After a brief introduction to the inner workings of the female body, each chapter will focus on holistic solutions for a specific female health problem. These principles are then brought together at the end of the book, where you’ll find more general advice on keeping your health in tiptop condition.

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