True Food Super Potency Soyagen
True Food® Super Potency Soyagen

True Food Super Potency Soyagen

One-a-day, super concentrated

Soya is known for its many benefits to health and this formulation provides a cost-effective way of taking a super concentrated form of fully fermented soya isoflavones within a wholefood complex. Our soya is organic and non GM

Soya isoflavones may assist a calm and comfortable transition through the menopause. This super-concentrated formula offers the full benefit of Soyagen, plus 40mg of fully fermented isoflavones and the advantage of a whole Soya food (not just an extract as with some Soya supplements).

  • Made from whole organic Soya
  • Perfect for assisting a calm transition through the menopause
  • Highly bio-available in food form formulation
  • Provides fully activated Soya isoflavones
  • Naturally contains beta-glucans to aid immune support
  • A True Food Supernutrition Plus multivitamin supplement is also recommended.
Vegetarian Vegan Corn-free Wheat-free Gluten-free Dairy-free 
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TSS030S1 30 veg tabs 36p 50+ items in stock £14.35 £10.75
TSS090S1 90 veg tabs 33p 50+ items in stock £39.90 £29.90
  • One SuperPotency Soyagen tablet typically provides

    1000mg fermentation activated whole Soya providing 900µg Genistein, 3200µg Diadzein, 2700µg Glycetein plus the phytonutrients naturally found in the rich food base of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae (food yeast) culture. Total isoflavones per tablet: 40mg.

  • Tableted with these natural ingredients

    Vegetable stearic acid, silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose coating, natural vanilla flavouring.

  • Suggested intake

    Take 1 tablet a day, with or between meals. A True Food® Supernutrition Plus multivitamin is also recommended.

  • Keep out of reach of children. Ensure lid is tight and store in a cool, dry, steam-free environment as damp conditions can affect the product quality.

  • TRUE FOOD® Super Potency Soyagen

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  • 7 Reviews

    Life saver!

    By Kim - 27 May 2016

    My hot flushes were out of control, and I can't take HRT due to family history. Within a month of beginning to take these, the hot flushes had virtually gone away completely. Recommended by a friend, and I could never thank her enough - I have my life back! Fabulous product.

    Check the product information

    By Betty Baa - 07 September 2014

    These "Super potency" tablets actually only have on quarter of the Soyagen active ingredient that the standard Soyagen tablets have. So if it is the formented soya extract that you need then you are better with the standard tablets - as I found out recently. Having said that the whole experience has proved to me (within 2 days of getting the standard tablets again) that soyagen really does work as I am now back to my more normal self again ;-)


    On our website the product information actually shows the levels for one Superpotency Soyagen and for four Soyagen tablets. One True Food Superpotency Soyagen tablet offers a similar level of soy isoflavones compared to 4 True Food Soyagen tablets. The process of fermentation activates the isoflavones, the Superpotency Soyagen has been fermented for longer than the standard Soyagen which gives the much higher levels, per tablet, of the activated isoflavones. The daily recommended dose for True Food Superpotency Soyagen is 1 tablet per day as opposed to 4-6 tablets of True Food Soyagen, this makes the product more convenient and cost effective for our customers.

    superpotency soyagen

    By Mrs C Lythgoe - 08 March 2014

    Spread the message. This product is fabulous. my menopause commenced when I was 40 years old. I have used this product for twenty five years. From the first time I used this my symptoms of menopause disappeared. Pure freedom. Thank you Higher Nature.

    fantastic relief

    By Mrs c Deamer - 05 January 2014

    I worked in medicine for nearly 20 years and have been used to prescription only medicines for controlling symptoms in patients ailments. I have been suffering with really bad hot flushes both day and night which have been an experience and a half! Before I turned to the tried and trusted HRT from my GP to control my hot flushes I thought I would try a natural remedy. Super potency Soyagen has been remarkable. From the very 1st tablet they have reduced the amount and severity of the flushes. Symptom control without the risk of cancer, can't ask for more than that!


    By mw - 12 December 2013

    A friend recommended this, and I have been taking it for a month. It has definitely reduced the hot sweats at night.

    Can tell it was working from first day!

    By Miss NsNs - 24 July 2013

    Amazing product. Could feel the difference in just one day.

    Say no to Hot Flushes

    By Mrs J M Gaudie - 11 February 2013

    I have sailed through my menopause with this product. I know it makes a difference because if I run out or forget to take them then the hot flushes return !!! Thoroughly recommend this product.

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