Kids Vital Vits
Vital Vits - Childrens multi-vitamin

Kids Vital Vits

Delicious chewable multi

  • Contains 19 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Three delicious fruity flavours with fun-shaped characters*
  • Especially great for fussy eaters to support their daily diet
  • Free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives
  • Easy to take one-a-day formulation
  • Your kids will love them!
  • Suitable for children aged 3 and over.

* Mango robots, lime aliens and raspberry teddies

Vegetarian Vegan Gluten-free Dairy-free 
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Code Amount Price (Unit) Availabilty Price(£) Quantity
KVV030 30 veg tabs 27p 50+ items in stock £7.99
KVV090 90 veg tabs 17p 50+ items in stock £14.99
  • One tablet typically contains:

    400µg Vitamin A, 5µg Vitamin D2, 6mg Vitamin E, 80mg Vitamin C, 1.1mg Vitamin B1, 1.4mg Vitamin B2, 8mg Vitamin B3, 6mg Vitamin B5, 1.4mg Vitamin B6, 200µg Folic Acid, 2.5µg Vitamin B12, 50µg Biotin, 56mg Magnesium, 7mg Iron, 10mg Zinc, 0.5mg Manganese, 10µg Chromium, 27.5µg Selenium, 75µg Iodine. Contains fructose.

  • Tableted with

    Sorbitol, fructose, natural flavourings: orange, raspberry, mango, lemon, lime; magnesium oxide, ascorbic acid (emulsifier: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose); natural colourings: carotene (emulsifier: acacia gum; sunflower oil, antioxidant: ascorbyl palmitate; antioxidant: dl-alpha tocopherol; anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide), beetroot powder (acidity regulator: citric acid); sodium ascorbate, ferric pyrophosphate, nicotinamide (anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide); zinc oxide, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; anti-caking agent: stearic acid; anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate; d-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate, acidity regulator: malic acid; calcium d-pantothenate, pyridoxine HCl, acidity regulator: citric acid; vitamin A acetate (sucrose, stabiliser: corn starch; emulsifier: acacia gum; antioxidant: dl-alpha tocopherol; anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide); riboflavin (anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide); thiamine mononitrate, ergocalciferol (coating: ethylcellulose; antioxidant: mixed tocopherols); sweetener: steviol glycosides; manganese sulphate, folic acid, potassium iodide, chromium picolinate, sodium selenite, d-biotin, cyanocobalamin.

  • Suggested intake:

    Children aged 3 and over chew one tablet a day.

  • Contains vitamin A. Do not take if pregnant or planning pregnancy. Suitable for children aged 3 and over. Store in a cool dry steam-free environment.

  • Kids Vital Vits

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  • 3 Reviews

    Bring back Dinochews!!

    By Mrs F Medina - 21 December 2014

    My son, who's now 6, had been taking dinochews and wasn't ill a day while taking them. As soon as they were discontinued and he started taking these vital vits (as that was all the multivitamin supplement available here for children), he picked up all the bugs and viruses readily available at school. Coincidence? If you believe in those... We were very happy with Dinochews, so please restock them!! Thank you.


    Vital Vits is an improved version of Dinochews as we wanted to provide a daily multivitamin and mineral for children with effective levels of nutrients. We know how important immune support is for children so in this formulation we have increased the levels of a number of vitamins and minerals that help boost immunity. Vital Vits has the same level of vitamin C as Dinochews but we have increased the levels of other nutrients that are important for the immune system such as vitamin D, vitamin A, some of the B vitamins, zinc and selenium. We have also addressed the levels of excipients in the product which are used to compress the tablets and to make them taste pleasant such as the natural sweeteners, flavourings and other ingredients. With the new formulation the excipients have decreased by 37% and we feel that this is an improvement on the nutritional quality of the product. A multivitamin and mineral is a product for children to take everyday, all children have patches when they seem to succumb to more bugs than usual, to address this we have developed an immune product for children, Soothe and Immune, that helps children recover when they are under the weather and boosts their immune system to help stay well.

    Taste like refreshers - yummy!

    By Miss M - 21 February 2014

    This are lovely little vits - the kids love them. They say that they taste like refreshers (and on tasting them myself I have to agree!). Good mix of nutrients at levels you won't find in other kids supplements. I know that the kids are getting a good dose of their vitamins and minerals when they take these.

    Swapped from Dinochews

    By Mrs L J Jones - 25 November 2013

    We used to get the dinochews for our son but have swapped to these now that he is 3 (the minimum age recommended on the packaging) as they have 100% RDA of all the vitamins rather than the lower values in the dinochews (which are probably more suitable for younger/lower body weight children). This gives me a lot more peace of mind that he is getting everything he needs, especially as he is quite a fussy eater and we are trying to transition to a paleo/clean diet at the moment so are having to try him with quite a few "new" meal ideas which don't always go down well! He enjoys having a choice of robot, alien or teddy and likes the flavour of all of them and let's face it, not to have to fight to get a child to take their vitamin is worth the price of these alone! My only criticism would be that these are full of quite a few 'fillers' (albeit more natural than some brands use) and that the product does not use the most bioavailable formulations which is a shame. For example, it contains the cyanocobalamin version of B12 which is much more poorly converted by the body than bioavailable versions such as methylcobalamin, so much so that a chat with my nutritionist friend reveals that only 2.5mcg of it is somewhat like blowing into the wind. Much higher intakes of the cyanocobalamin version would be required in order for enough of it to be converted by the body into a useable form which would provide 100% RDA. Similarly, this contains folic acid, rather than the 5-MTHF version providing body ready folate. I guess it is worth pointing out in defence of this product though that to get a fully bioavailable version would probably make the cost prohibitively high, so for us, it was the best compromise of range of vitamins and minerals in the formulation, flavour and palatability and cost/price. All round, I'll stick with these.

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