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The Intelligent Way to Lose Weight

A Revolutionary Personalised Approach to Healthy Weight Loss



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By Dr Mark Atkinson and Christine Bailey

Are you confused by all of the conflicting advice on diets and nutritional health? Have you tried dieting, but failed to keep your weight off? Does food, and/or the thought of food, dominate your life? Would you like to know how to permanently lose weight, put a stop to cravings and feel much better about yourself?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then this book is for you. Dr Mark Atkinson and Christine Bailey will share with you their personalised holistic programme for losing inches from your waist and maximising your health, wellbeing and mood. Unlike most diet plans, which advocate just changing the types and amounts of foods that you eat in order to lose weight, The Intelligent Way to Lose Weight does this plus shows you how to identify and resolve the five most common barriers to easy and permanent weight loss.

Furthermore, you will learn how to:

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    • Make food choices that are suited to you
    • Overcome emotional eating
    • Increase your energy and lift your mood
    • Get in tune with your body’s wisdom
    • Permanently dissolve food cravings
    • Transform your body image and confidence
    • Benefit from a two week diet plan
    • Optimise your health with nutritional supplementation
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