Special Offers

    • Advanced Daily Support

      Travel supplement strips

      Advanced Daily Support

      Includes Omega 3 for eye and skin health and Vitamin C for daily immune support plus other powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium, for protection against free radical damage.

      18 blisters£9.99 £7.45 More Info
    • Aeterna Gold AstaPure Timeless Beauty

      Anti-ageing skin supplement

      Aeterna Gold AstaPure® Timeless Beauty

      Astaxanthin is from the family of carotenoids that are found in many colourful plants, and help protect them from UV light and free radical damage. 'Timeless Beauty’ has been "Highly Commended" in the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2013.

      30 gel caps£18.00 £13.50 More Info
    • Alpha

      Regenerating antioxidant formula

      Alpha lipoic acid & acetyl l carnitine

      The powerful nutrient partnership for get up and go!

      30 veg caps£11.35 More Info
      90 veg caps£31.40 £23.55 More Info
    • Alka-Bathe

      Alkalise your body


      Deeply relaxing mineral bath salts providing essential minerals to help cleanse and purify your body. Great used as part of a detox programme or just for pampering. Leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

      650 gr veg pdr£23.65 £17.70 More Info
    • Black Cohosh Menopause Relief

      Natural herbal remedy for menopause relief

      Black Cohosh Menopause Relief - Higher Nature

      Black Cohosh Menopause Relief is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of symptoms of the menopause, such as hot flushes, night sweats, and temporary changes in mood, such as nervous irritability and restlessness, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy.

      30 coated tabs£8.90 £6.50 More Info
    • Brighter Day

      Mood enhancing blackberry drink

      Brighter Day - With vitamin B6, B12, vitamin C and magnesium

      Always look on the bright side with this natural fruity flavoured drink. Perfect for the darker, winter months. B vitamins in a natural blackcurrant drink to brighten your day and lift your mood.

      15 Tabs£7.99 £3.95 More Info
    • Colloidal Silver

      Natural anti-septic spray

      Colloidal SIlver

      Our Colloidal silver contains pure, medical grade silver, which has been used for many centuries.

      15 ml£8.35 More Info
      100 ml£18.30 More Info
      200 ml£31.75 £23.80 More Info
    • Devil’s Claw Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

      Traditional herbal relief for muscle and joint pain

      Devil’s Claw Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

      Devil’s Claw Muscle & Joint Pain Relief is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of backache, rheumatic or muscular pain, and general aches and pains in the muscles and joints, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy.

      40 coated tabs£8.90 £4.45 More Info
    • Energy Breakfast Shake

      Nutritious energy shake

      Energy Breakfast Shake

      Start the day with this delicious, energy-boosting shake, with Sunflower, Sesame and Pumpkin seeds, Quinoa, Rice protein and beet fibre for protein and fibre. It provides complex carbohydrates for slow energy release through the morning and is flavoured and sweetened with whole apples.

      270 g veg pdr£17.95 £13.45 More Info
    • Fruit Boost Plus (formerly Easy 3)

      Delicious whole fruit and vegetable drink

      Fruit Boost Plus

      This tasty, berry-flavoured drink provides 3 of your 5 recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables from whole Apples, Blueberries, Tomatoes and Broccoli sprouts, with extra Vitamin C. Can be blended with smoothies, added to yoghurt or desserts or sprinkled onto breakfast cereal.

      225 g veg pdr£19.75 £9.85 More Info
    • Feverfew Migraine Relief

      Migraine prevention

      Feverfew Migraine Relief

      Feverfew is traditional herbal remedy used for the prevention of migraine headaches. Exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional herbal remedy.

      30 hard caps£7.15 £3.57 More Info
    • Effervescent Vit C

      Fizzy vitamin C tablets

      Fizzy C

      An excellent way of taking 1000 mg or 500 mg of vitamin C in a tasty, effervescent drink that is free from artificial flavourings, sweeteners and additives. Vitamin C helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

      20 Tabs£4.40 £3.30 More Info
    • Multi Effervescent

      Multivitamin effervescent tablets

      Fizzy Multi

      We believe this is the first effervescent multi-vitamin and mineral in the UK to be additive and artificial flavouring free. Each tablet provides optimum levels of key nutrients, including trace minerals. It has a tangy natural orange flavour, is sweetened with fruit sugar and fizzes in water.

      20 tabs£5.85 £4.35 More Info
    • Glutamine Powder

      Glutamine Powder for digestion and immune support

      Glutamine Powder

      A pleasant, sweet tasting powder that can easily be sprinkled onto food or blended into drinks. This hard-working nutrient is especially important in maintaining the health of the digestive tract.

      100 g veg pdr£13.50 More Info
      200 gr£23.65 £17.70 More Info
    • Glutamine Capsules

      Glutamine capsules for digestive support

      Glutamine Capsules

      Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body so therefore plays an important role in a number of body systems, but especially the digestive system. Easy-to-take capsules

      90 £12.55 £9.40 More Info
    • Kids Soothe and Immune

      Nourishing drink for kids

      Soothe & Immune

      Delicious natural apple flavour drink with soothing manuka honey and black elderberry extract.

      10 sachets£13.65 £10.20 More Info
    • Maxi Multi

      Powerful multi vitamin and mineral

      Maxi Multi - multivitamin

      Maxi Multi provides all the vitamins plus 8 essential minerals, selected and produced to Higher Nature’s high standards of quality ingredients and minimal excipients. Without added iron.

      90 veg-tabs£11.95 £8.95 More Info
    • Metabolic Balance

      Metabolism supplements

      Metabolic Balance

      A great all-round formulation to support any weight management programme, Metabolic Balance also provides vitamins B1, B3, B5 and vitamin C, which support normal energy-yielding metabolism. Get motivated!

      90 veg caps£15.60 £11.70 More Info
    • Milk Thistle

      Hangover relief

      Milk Thistle

      Milk Thistle is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve the symptoms associated with occasional over-indulgence of drink and food, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy.

      30 hard caps£11.15 £5.55 More Info
    • Multi Vit Shots

      Multivitamin cherry cola shots

      Multi-Vitamin Shot

      Multi Vit Shots – natural cherry cola flavour multivitamins, tongue tingling shots formulated for young adults. A UK first.

      14 sachets£5.99 £4.45 More Info
    • Mum-2-Be

      Fertility and pregnancy supplements


      The best nutritional preparation for pregnancy should ideally be before conception, by eating a healthy diet and taking an appropriate formulation, especially including 400 ug of folic acid. Our Mum-to-Be has been especially formulated with you and your baby in mind

      30 veg tabs£7.10 £3.55 More Info
      90 veg tabs£18.95 More Info
    • Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules

      Omega 3 fish oil supplements

      Omega 3 Fish Oil

      When buying fish oils it is important to ensure that the fish is uncontaminated. We guarantee that Higher Nature fish oils are free from pollutants such as PCBs and each batch is screened and tested. Our fish oils are from sardines and anchovies, small oily fish near the bottom of the food chain which feed on plankton, unlike large predatory oily fish like tuna and swordfish

      30 gel caps£3.95 More Info
      90 gel caps£9.55 More Info
      180 gel caps£16.70 £12.50 More Info
    • Organic Sprouted Flax Seeds

      Omega-rich sprouted seeds

      Organic Sprouted Flax Seeds

      A great source of fibre, lignans and the essential omegas 3 and 6, our Sprouted Flax Seeds also make a tasty and digestible addition to drinks or cereals. The milling process makes them easier on the digestive tract and gentle on the stomach.

      250 g£11.95 £8.95 More Info
    • Passionflower Relax Aid

      Supportive supplement for mild anxiety and stress

      Passionflower Relax Aid

      Passionflower Relax Aid is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress, such as mild anxiety, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy. Can be taken in advance of experiencing stressful situations. Fast-acting.

      30 coated tabs£8.05 £4.02 More Info
    • Positive Outlook

      Aids healthy brain and nerve function

      Positive Outlook

      This formula provides B Vitamins and amino acids, including Glutamine, Tyrosine and 5HTP, to help maintain healthy levels of the brain’s most important neurotransmitters.

      30 veg caps£10.95 More Info
      90 veg caps£29.85 More Info
      180 veg caps£57.35 £43.00 More Info
    • Pure Green Tea

      Instant green tea granules

      Pure Green Tea

      Great new taste! Make this a store cupboard staple for its marvellous health benefits! The catechins in green tea naturally contain antioxidants and also promote the number of beneficial bacteria in your gut making the environment less ‘attractive’ to potential invaders.

      50 gr£9.95 £4.95 More Info
    • Red Sterol Complex

      Formulated for healthy cholesterol

      Red Sterol Complex

      Red Sterol Complex provides Red Yeast Rice, Plant Sterols and Cinnamon bark. Plant Sterols help to support healthy blood cholesterol levels.

      30 veg tabs£7.85 More Info
      90 veg tabs£21.30 £15.95 More Info
    • Rhodiola Stress Relief

      Herbal stress and fatigue relief

      Rhodiola Stress Relief

      Rhodiola Stress Relief is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress, such as fatigue, exhaustion and mild anxiety, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy.

      30 coated tabs£11.65 £5.82 More Info
    • Soothe

      Aloe vera balm for pets


      Topical, natural aloe vera gel to help soothe irritated and itchy skin. Made with whole leaf aloe for optimal benefit.

      120 ml£14.95 £11.20 More Info
    • Starflower Oil

      Hormone support with GLA

      Starflower Oil

      GLA is an essential omega 6 fatty acid and the richest plant source is from borage oil rather than evening primrose oil. Our Starflower Oil provides 220mg per capsule. Great for women to take alongside True Food Wise Woman, PreMenstrual Complex or Menophase.

      30 gel caps£8.35 More Info
      90 gel caps£22.55 £16.90 More Info
    • Supergest

      Digestive Aid


      Supergest provides a full spectrum of plant enzymes to help maintain optimum digestion. Suitable at times of stress, convalescence, poor appetite, and for older people.

      30 veg caps£6.65 More Info
      90 veg caps£17.30 £12.95 More Info
    • True Food Maxi Co-Q10

      Powerful heart antioxidant

      True Food Maxi Co-Q10

      Co-Enzyme Q10 is important for energy production and may enhance sport performance in those who have not reached peak performance. CoQ10 has a particular affinity for the heart

      30 veg caps£27.95 More Info
      60 veg caps£54.50 £40.85 More Info
    • True Food SuperNutrition Plus

      Whole food multivitamins

      True Food® SuperNutrition Plus

      Complete multivitamin and mineral supplement offering all essential vitamins and minerals in a food-based formula for high bioavailability. The vitamins and minerals are in a form similar to food, which the body is designed to digest.

      30 veg tabs£7.65 More Info
      90 veg tabs£20.85 More Info
      180 veg tabs£37.75 £28.30 More Info
    • True Food Wise Woman

      Complete multivitamin formulated for women

      True Food ® Wise Woman

      This is one of our best selling formulations for women because it’s so comprehensive. It contains a fantastic array of vitamins, minerals, botanicals and herbs as well as probiotics and soya, all within a unique wholefood complex.

      30 veg caps£9.85 More Info
      90 veg caps£24.75 More Info
      180 veg caps£47.35 £35.50 More Info
    • V Gel

      Aloe vera intimate lubricant

      V Gel - Aloe Vera Lubricant

      This silky, organically grown, intimate lubricant gel, with Aloe vera, gently nourishes dry, sensitive skin to leave it feeling soft and moistened.

      75 ml£14.85 £11.10 More Info
    • Valerian Sleep Aid

      Natural sleep aid & anxiety relief supplements

      Valerian Sleep Aid

      Valerian Sleep Aid is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of sleep disturbances due to symptoms of mild anxiety, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy.

      30 coated tabs£5.35 £2.67 More Info
    • Worry Not Spray

      Calming spray for stress relief

      Worry Not

      Delicious, natural strawberry and vanilla flavoured spray, for when your nerves are frazzled! Perfect for those stressful moments. Great for periods of anxiety and stress, a mix of B vitamins, theanine and herbs in a delicious, natural strawberry and vanilla flavour spray.

      13 .5ml spray£9.99 £4.99 More Info
    • Zinc

      High-quality zinc supplement


      Zinc is a key antioxidant mineral. This supplement provides Zinc in the citrate form for high bioavailability, plus Copper in the correct ratio.

      90 veg tabs£6.60 £4.95 More Info
    • Keep Sharp

      Tasty jellies to support focus and mental clarity

      Keep Sharp jellies

      Nourish your brain with these tasty orange and lemon flavour jellies formulated to support your brain. With emulsified omega 3 fish oil.

      27 Jellies£12.99 £6.50 More Info