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Vegetarian Vegan Corn/maize-free Wheat-free Gluten-free Yeast-free Dairy/Lactose-free Sugar-free 

Phosphatidyl Serine

Brain supplement

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2 weeks' supply*

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Boost your brain power with Phosphatidyl Serine capsules. This potent formula has been created to help maintain optimum brain and cognitive function, aiding concentration, sharpness and memory. Its main ingredient, Phosphatidyl Serine, is an important phospholipid found in all the cells of the body and, particularly, in the brain. As we age, phospholipids decline, which is why our complex contains an optimum blend of brain-friendly ingredients to help rejuvenate the brain and encourage focus.

  • Helps maintain optimum brain and cognitive function
  • Contains powerful phospholipid to support brain cell membrane integrity
  • Allow 3 weeks for full effect.
  • Works well with Brain Nutrients or Advanced Nutrition Complex 


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