Special Offers

    • Keep Sharp

      Tasty jellies to support focus and mental clarity

      Keep Sharp jellies

      Nourish your brain with these tasty orange and lemon flavour jellies formulated to support your brain. With emulsified omega 3 fish oil.

      27 Jellies£12.99 £6.50 More Info
    • Advanced Nutrition Complex

      Highly absorbable multivitamins

      Advanced Nutrition Complex

      This high potency multi-vitamin and mineral formula offers all key nutrients in their optimum form for better absorption and assimilation. Also includes trace minerals, such as Molybdenum, Manganese Chromium, as well as Choline and Inositol, not normally found in other multis.

      30 veg tabs£5.95 More Info
      90 veg tabs£15.90 More Info
      180 veg tabs£26.95 £20.20 More Info
    • Astaxanthin and Blackcurrant

      Powerful free radical protection

      Astaxanthin & Blackcurrant

      Bringing together, astaxanthin, a carotenoid and one of nature’s jewels, with blackcurrants, an excellent source of phytonutrients, alongside tomatoes, a natural source of lycopene. A marvellous all-round combination.

      30 veg caps£9.00 More Info
      90 veg caps£24.00 £18.00 More Info
    • Betaine HCL

      Digestive system supplement

      Betaine HCL

      Helps support natural stomach acid levels to aid protein digestion and mineral absorption.

      90 veg caps£11.25 £8.40 More Info
    • Brain Nutrients

      Healthy brain supplement

      Advanced Brain Nutrients

      Provides key vitamins, phospholipids and amino acids to optimise the function of the brain, for healthy concentration, memory and learning.

      30 veg caps£11.05 More Info
      90 veg caps£29.35 More Info
      180 veg caps£57.85 £43.35 More Info
    • Chlorella

      Green superfood supplement

      Chlorella tablets

      Chlorella is a fresh water alga often considered a superfood because of its vitamin and nutrient content.

      180 veg tabs£16.00 £12.00 More Info
    • Complete Omegas 3:6:7:9

      Complete omega complex

      Complete Omegas 3:6:7:9

      Not all fats are bad! Some fats, especially omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, are essential for good health. This powerful complex provides EPA, DHA, GLA and omegas 7 and 9, from Fish, Starflower, Sea Buckthorn and Virgin Olive oils.

      30 gel caps£9.00 More Info
      90 gel caps£24.00 More Info
      180 gel caps£46.45 More Info
      240 gel caps£61.40 £46.00 More Info
    • Concentration Support

      Focus and concentration supplement

      Concentration Support

      Vitamin B complex which makes a deliciously tangy refreshing lemon and lime drink. Ideal during periods of stress or when concentration and focus is a must.

      10 tablets£7.99 £5.99 More Info
    • Drive!

      Energy-boosting supplements for motivation and drive

      Drive! For energy and enthusiasm

      Unique formula to help provide energy, balanced brain chemistry and get-up-and-go.

      30 veg caps£7.90 More Info
      90 veg caps£20.65 More Info
      180 veg caps£40.15 £30.00 More Info
    • Flax Seed Oil Capsules 1000mg

      Non-fish omega oils

      Flax Seed Oil Capsules

      Flax Seed oil is a great natural source of the essential omegas, together with some omega 9, making it an excellent choice for those not wanting to take fish oils.

      60 gel caps£7.20 More Info
      180 gel caps£17.60 £13.00 More Info
    • Fruit Boost Plus (formerly Easy 3)

      Delicious whole fruit and vegetable drink

      Fruit Boost Plus

      This tasty, berry-flavoured drink provides 3 of your 5 recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables from whole Apples, Blueberries, Tomatoes and Broccoli sprouts, with extra Vitamin C. Can be blended with smoothies, added to yoghurt or desserts or sprinkled onto breakfast cereal.

      225 g veg pdr£19.75 £9.85 More Info
    • H Factors

      Healthy heart supplements

      H Factors

      H Factors is designed to help maintain homocysteine within normal levels in the body, particularly as we grow older. It provides TMG (tri-methyl glycine) plus three B vitamins and Zinc, each known to assist this process.

      60 veg caps£17.70 More Info
      180 veg caps£50.70 £38.00 More Info
    • Kids Smart Focus

      Fruit flavour jellies to aid brain function and focus

      Smart Focus

      Essential omegas in a jelly format with delicious fruity flavour! Intensely fruity flavoured jellies with no fish aftertaste.

      27 jellies£10.50 £7.85 More Info
    • Milk Thistle

      Hangover relief

      Milk Thistle

      Milk Thistle is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve the symptoms associated with occasional over-indulgence of drink and food, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy.

      30 hard caps£11.15 £5.55 More Info
    • Neversnore

      Supplement to alleviate snoring and promote a peaceful sleep


      Being a snorer can lead to poor sleep and strained relationships. This supplement was formulated with natural ingredients and has been taken by tens of thousands of people who snore.

      30 veg caps£7.35 More Info
      90 veg caps£19.30 £14.40 More Info
    • Organic Cold Pressed Walnut Oil

      Cholesterol-free raw walnut oil

      Organic Cold Pressed Walnut Oil

      This delicious, unrefined Walnut Oil has a light and delicate, distinctive sweet walnut flavour. Cholesterol-free and 100% certified organic, the primrose-yellow oil is carefully cold pressed from superior quality, raw walnuts, grown organically in Europe, and then filtered.

      200 ml£13.55 £10.15 More Info
    • Organic Raw Walnut Butter

      Smooth walnut butter

      Organic Raw Walnut Butter

      Deliciously rich and smooth with a hint of sweetness, this 100% Certified Organic Raw Walnut Butter is made from superior quality, raw walnuts, organically grown in Europe. This delicious ‘gourmet’ butter is a healthy alternative to butter, margarine and spreads.

      200 g£11.45 £8.50 More Info
    • PreMenstrual Complex

      Hormone balancing supplement

      PreMenstrual Complex

      A specific formulation, which is best taken throughout the month, with carefully selected vitamins, minerals and botanicals including American ginseng, hops and dandelion. Contains vitamin B6 which helps regulate normal hormonal activity

      60 veg caps£13.00 £9.75 More Info
    • Pro-Easy

      Live bacteria for adults and kids


      Ideal for children or adults who don’t like capsules, and useful after antibiotics, or as a daily supplement.

      45 g veg pdr£4.40 More Info
      90 veg pdr£7.65 £5.70 More Info
    • Rosehips C 1000

      Plant-based vitamin C supplement

      Rosehips Vitamin C 1000mg

      High strength vitamin C with rosehips, a naturally rich source of vitamin C.

      90 veg tabs£14.35 More Info
      180 veg tabs£27.05 £20.00 More Info
    • Rhodiola Stress Relief

      Herbal stress and fatigue relief

      Rhodiola Stress Relief

      Rhodiola Stress Relief is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress, such as fatigue, exhaustion and mild anxiety, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy.

      30 coated tabs£11.65 £5.82 More Info
    • Serotone - 5HTP

      Natural amino acid to aid serotonin production

      Serotone 5-HTP - Natural amino acid

      5HTP is a natural amino acid found in the body. Serotone also contains specific co-factor B vitamins and zinc. Available in 50mg and 100mg size capsules.

      30 x100mg VegCap£12.10 More Info
      90 x100mg VegCap£32.70 £24.50 More Info
      30 x50mg VegCap£8.00 More Info
      90 x50mg VegCap£20.90 £15.65 More Info
    • Super Omegas

      Omega oil supplement for pets

      Super Omegas

      Perfectly balanced blend of fatty acids for a happy, healthy pet. With sustainably sourced fish oil, borage oil and olive oil for all round support.

      60 caps£9.50 £7.45 More Info
    • True Food Calcium and Magnesium

      Magnesium and calcium supplement

      True Food® Calcium & Magnesium

      Calcium and magnesium are two of the most important minerals in your body. This supplement provides equal amounts (one-to-one ratio) of both calcium and magnesium, from highly bioavailable True Food ingredients and Sea Calcium seaweed complex.

      60 veg tabs£12.95 More Info
      120 veg tabs£24.65 £18.45 More Info
    • True Food Easy Iron

      Effective iron supplement

      True Food® Easy Iron

      Our True Food® Easy Iron provides iron in an easily absorbable form without the digestive problems often associated with taking large doses of iron. This form has high bioavailability as the body recognises it as food, without taking mega doses

      30 veg caps£4.15 More Info
      90 veg caps£8.90 £6.65 More Info
    • Ultimate Aloe Skin Gel

      Pure aloe vera skin gel

      Ultimate Aloe Skin Gel

      This Aloe skin gel is simply the best. A superb treatment and beautifier for the skin. Made with triple-concentrated Aloe, with not a drop of water added, we believe it is one of the most potent Aloe skin gel available.

      75 ml / 2.5oz£15.90 More Info
      120 ml/4oz£20.75 £15.50 More Info
    • Vitamin K2

      Vitamin K2 for healthy bones and circulation

      Vitamin K2

      Vitamin K contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and circulation.

      30 veg tabs£11.60 More Info
      60 veg tabs£22.25 £16.65 More Info
    • ZyloSweet

      Low-calorie natural sugar alternative


      This natural sweetener, Xylitol, tastes like sugar but has 40% fewer calories, so it’s ideal to support a weight management programme.

      300 gr granules£5.45 More Info
      500 gr granules£8.30 £6.20 More Info
    • Adults Vitamin D3 Spray

      Vitamin D Spray to aid a healthy immune system

      Vitamin D3 Spray

      Easy to use, tasty mint spray, containing 120 servings of Vitamin D3, the most absorble form of vitamin D. Each serving contains 1250iu of vitamin D3. Needed for normal development of bones, teeth and muscle function as well as for the immune system

      13 .5ml£9.99 £7.50 More Info
    • VisualEyes

      With lutein and zeaxanthin for good vision


      A great combination of vitamins, minerals and botanicals including lutein and zeaxanthin to help protect your vision. With specific eye-loving nutrients, vitamins A, B2 and zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal vision.

      30 veg caps£11.25 More Info
      90 veg caps£29.70 £22.00 More Info